Our New Space

The past few weeks have been filled with a lot of stuff! Boxes everywhere, fabrics everywhere, mess… EVERYWHERE! But all the work has not been for nothing. As designers and lovers of beautiful things we like our offices to look beautiful too and so all the mess has a purpose – we are giving our offices a fresh, new look!

As our offices are generally where we have our design meetings with clients we want the space to speak of our own style as a company and reassure our clients that they are in good hands. An office that is full of mismatched and disjointed ideas is not ideal when your job is to create beautiful spaces. Not that our offices have been mismatched and disjointed, but it’s always good to have change and with winter fast approaching we thought it a good idea to give the space a bit of a new look – ready for the coming (already-come) cold!

The past week in Joburg has been rather chilly so we decided that we needed to get our offices ready for the chill. That meant a new coffee station, a rearranged lounge area, some new wallpaper and a fabric library so organised we’re almost too afraid to pull out any of our fabric books.

Here are some pictures to give you a glimpse into our space and the work we’ve done. What are your plans to keep warm this winter?

How we do tea time!

How we do tea time!

Only a small part of our fabric library...

Only a small part of our fabric library…

A comfy corner

A comfy corner

A bold choice...

A bold choice…

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